Lift Off

Lift Off is a medium-duty, multi-purpose alkaline cleaner that provides excellent penetration of numerous soils. Soil removal is rapid and rinsing results in a film-free surface.


C K Concentrate

C K Concentrate combines all the latest detergent developments to produce fast, effective cleaning not affected by hard or cold water. It is an all-purpose, alkali-free, film-free rinsing cleaner. This is a perfect choice for finished floors, hard wood or any surface that requires a neutral pH.



K-Glow is a non-fuming, mildly acidic, thick cleaner that performs with gentle effectiveness. K-Glow will cling, even to vertical surfaces, which allows the user ample time to mop or swab around the surfaces before rinsing away.


Final Touch

Final Touch is a glass cleaner concentrate. When properly diluted, Final Touch provides an excellent cleaner which easily removes the soils found on glass surfaces. It wipes off effortlessly leaving smear-free glass, and it is very economical to use. Final Touch leaves a pleasant scent.

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K-Quat 4

K-Quat 4 is a concentrated, quaternary 5th generation sanitizer for sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing all types of hard surfaces. K-Quat 4 contains a blend of four quaternary ammonium chlorides (four-chain QAC) that provide broad spectrum kill six times greater at 150 ppm than a single chain quat at 200 ppm and two times greater than a dual chain quat at 200 ppm. It is effective against gram positive and gram negative microbes and fungi. K-Quat 4 is virus and protein tolerant.

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