Sulfuric Acid 1450

The acid of choice for many pH neutralization applications, due to its high effectiveness and strong acidic nature.


K-San 125

K-San 125 is an economical and effective liquid destainer and sanitizer. With the highest active levels of hypochlorite in the industry, K-San 125 is a highly dilutable and economical solution for your in-plant laundries.


K-Burst 1000

K-Burst 1000 is a 10% active emulsion of polydimethyl soloxane formulated to control foam in industrial processes and products. K-Burst 1000 is a versatile defoamer readily diluted with water or other process liquids for easy addition to foaming solutions and maximum cost effectiveness. K-Burst 1000 efficiently controls foam over a wide pH range and in nonionic, cationic and anionic systems.



K-Hydroxy is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner designed to remove burned-on carbon and other baked-on food soils. It is effective in removing oils, greased, and proteinaceous deposits commonly found throughout the food industry. It can be used in central cleaning systems, soaking operations, and immersion tanks. It can be used for boilout with foam and gel and in re-circulating systems of breweries, dairies, bakeries, meat, poultry, canning, and other food plants.



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