C K Enterprises is dedicated to providing quality cleaning products and detergents, as we believe this is the key to keeping people safe and protecting your company’s assets. In order to do this, we provide a complete line of sanitation chemical products. Click here to view our print brochure. Click here to print your own product list.

Color-Coded Labeling and Product Identification

Our products are thoroughly labeled and tagged before they leave our plant, and clients are provided with a complete set of informational packages regarding safety, usage and antidotes.

To further ensure that our products are handled with care and can be identified easily, we color-code labels (and sometimes even the product itself) to match the standard safety coding system shown below. This ensures proper use, delivery and storage of each item and is the best way to protect your staff.



Ordering Products

We offer all products in a variety of sizes, from gallons to totes. You may find product order information to the right. Orders may either be placed over the phone at (816) 524-1304, or for registered customers, online.

Example: For a 1 gallon bottle of our K-San Plus sanitizing product (#7450), your product order code would be #7450-B1.




1 Gallon Bottle

4×1 Gallon Case



5 Gallon Pail

Drum 15

Drum 30



Drum 55

Tote 275

Tote 330