Our STEP UP program trains personnel to identify and properly handle every chemical they come in contact with. Personnel are given PPE training and demonstrations on proper equipment handling and  lockout-tagout (LOTO) procedures. All of this is done to ensure a safe and productive workplace.


C K Enterprises considers safety to be crucial in running a productive, profitable workplace. Holding safety meetings for our personnel on a regular basis provides continuous education and maintains awareness. We also provide on-going training for all employees on a monthly basis with emphasis on job-specific training.


From the ground up, our company is dedicated to ensuring that all of our employees perform at a level of excellence. Our employees meet all expectations as they pertain to knowledge and dependability, and they take a serious level of pride in their performance. You will find our company to uphold a standard of performance that exceeds all others in our field.


C K Enterprises carries over 40 years of chemical expertise. We use all of our own chemicals in our sanitation procedure, which are created and tested at our Kansas City location. Pulling from our product line of over 60 sanitation chemicals, we guarantee only the highest quality products to be used at your location.


We understand and appreciate the out-of-the-ordinary changes in your ability to meet an uninterrupted schedule. We want our customers to have confidence that we will ensure flexibility in the times that require us to STEP UP. We promise to handle these situations in a timely, professional manner.


Understanding that many food-processing operations operate 24/7 in order to meet the needs of their customers, C K Enterprises is dedicated to accommodating our client’s needs whenever possible. We also supply communication to our customers on-site when such situations arise. Our no run-around policy provides flawless, direct communication with C K personnel.


Our motto, “C K Services Satisfy,” is based on the pride our team cultivates every day. This culture is established in all areas of our company, rooted in our corporate Kansas City office where all products are made and tested for quality assurance. There are unforeseen circumstances in all businesses that require a level of commitment and dedication above the ordinary.
C K is proud to say we are equipped to meet these challenges.


Summary of Benefits

· Skilled and trained employees
· Site supervision
· Continuing safety training for each and every employee
· Implementing minimal liability and protection for our clients’ plant assets


· Ongoing concentration and efficiency to reduce water and energy waste
· Variable costs are eliminated to allow smooth and predictable cost budgeting
· Daily communication between facility and C K management