Innovative Cleaning Equipment (ICE)

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Innovative Cleaning Equipment is dedicated to providing unique and new designs of cleaning equipment to fit a variety of applications. Our branded lines of equipment include: Foam-It, Fog-It, Spray-It, Fill-It. In the event that our equipment does not meet a specific applications, our team is dedicated to building custom equipment solutions for our customers.


Laferty Equipment


Lafferty products are designed for demanding applications in the food processing, bottling, car/truck washing, agricultural, institutional and industrial environments in both domestic and international markets.For performance you can trust, rely on Lafferty Equipment. We have the technical and manufacturing expertise to solve your chemical cleaning and application challenges. Our personalized customer support is unparalleled in the industry. Our equipment quality, performance, and reliability – our service and support – our expertise – competitive wholesale pricing, add up to the best value available.


Automatic Cleaning Systems

System Cleaners


Since its foundation in 1990, System Cleaners has supplied solutions to food manufacturers all over the world, and this experience has enabled us to accumulate a great deal of knowledge with regard to effective cleaning in the food industry – knowledge that enables us to understand the customer’s perspective and thus develop precisely the solutions required.


Dispensing Equipment



DEMA has been a leading supplier of chemical dispensing equipment and solenoid valves for over 45 years. Our chemical dispensing products are used to safely and accurately blend chemicals and water for a variety of applications, including housekeeping, food service, food processing, dishwash, laundry and car wash. DEMA’s range of solenoid valves are used in many industries, including car wash, beverage and chemical dispensing, agriculture, misting, reverse osmosis and high pressure cleaning machines.




Our MicroDos ®, MiniDos ®, SuperDos ® and TurboDos ® injectors are made of engineered proprietary composite material and come with a 3-year limited warranty–the best in the industry. The injectors are proportional to the fluid (water) flow, providing an accurate and consistent chemical injection despite fluctuations in flow and pressure. The patented internal mixing chamber is separate from the motor, isolating it from the chemical mixture. This design ensures thorough and precise mixing of the fluid (water) and chemical, while also extending the motor’s life.


Knight Equipment


One of the keys to Knight’s success stems from our dedication to developing innovative chemical delivery systems and first-rate customer support for the global Chemical Service Industry. For over 34 years, Knight has led the way with new technologies that create greater value and efficiency for you, the Chemical Service Provider, and your customers.

At the foundation of Knight’s innovation is a team of highly experienced and dedicated leaders that are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. It is their vision and insight to the changing market that has positioned Knight for continuing growth and leadership.

Knight’s in-house mechanical and electrical engineering teams use the latest design techniques and processes to develop “value added” chemical delivery systems that control costs for the end-user and provide greater overall value for your chemical programs. Our engineering capability ensures that Knight products are manufactured to meet our uncompromising standards for quality.