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Incorporated in 1981, C K Enterprises, Inc. brings you over 40 years of service in the Specialty Chemical business. We manufacture and supply over 700 chemical products for the Car Care Industry, as well as, products for Manufacturing, Transportation, and Food Processing industries.

C K Enterprises, Inc. is housed on a 133,000 square foot campus, employing over 350 people across the United States. We have the ability to manufacture both powders and liquid products. Our powder department contains a Ribbon Blender capable of holding 4000 lbs. We blend approximately 100,000 lbs every week. We fill containers from 1lb jars all the way up to 2000 lb super sacks.

Our liquid department consists of nine blending tanks each capable of holding 3000 gallons. We blend approximately 100,000 gallons of product each week, all computer controlled. We fill containers in size ranging from 16oz, to 330 gallon totes and directly fill into tanker trucks.

Our departments, in conjunction with our staff chemists, go through multiple quality control checks on every batch we blend. From testing each and every raw material upon arrival, to weighing all ingredients before a batch is blended and sent out the door, you can count on C K Enterprises for producing the best quality products on the market.

Working with you, C K Enterprises, Inc. provides a specifically designed, complete and thorough plan, best suited to cover your company’s needs for the immediate and long term. From selecting the properly engineered equipment and matching it with quality chemical products, we are able to provide you with the most effective cleaning set up, while establishing a cost-effective team.

From the time your order is placed and until the delivery of your order aboard one of our trucks, you will receive a prompt and courteous response to every concern. From manufacturing to on-time delivery, C K Enterprises promises to satisfy the unique needs of your business!

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